Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Media Frenzy! Just one day to go!

We've been featured in the Boston Herald!

And the Boston Globe!!

Even rumors of metro interviews today?? WOW!

I'm trying to play it cool and relaxed. Yoga tonight and then SLEEP. I have already taken tomorrow and Friday off from work, so it's a great long weekend for me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

aaahhhh! just 7 days left!!!

oh man. less than 7 days. oh man. nerves? not even really sure how to describe how I feel! I sparred for the last time before the fight this evening. I took some solid hits. I landed some solid hits. Somewhere around the 4th round I managed to actually hit a groove and do some slipping! I've got this. I'm ready. I hope.

For the next 7 days I am going to devote my energy to fundraising. I've been handing out my fantastic little cards, but now it's time for me to put a really personalized plea out there. Cause this fight isn't just about me... it's about the second anniversary of losing my father to cancer. And every other person who's lost a parent/sibling/loved one to cancer. It's about putting cancer on the ropes and giving it a solid one-two. We have a chance here to make a solid contribution to an amazing charity looking to take cancer out. The Jimmy Fund isn't just a nameless random charity; it has earned nine consecutive 4-star ratings by Charity Navigator. Your donation's actually make it to the front line! 

I was touched last night. Two of the sweetest lil' old ladies on my street each gave me $5 towards the fight. I knew it was a big deal to them, and it almost made me cry! Every little bit helps, so please don't hesitate to donate, even if it's just $1! 

And talking about amazing people, my friend Victoria has organized a virtual bake sale: we're well on our way to raising nearly $300! Get your bids in now, we close tomorrow at noon! Take a punch at cancer and get delicious baked goods at the same time!

Check out my videos on youtube, I've included below my last video provided by Haymakers for Hope. Look how far I've come! Let's work together and put cancer on the ropes!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crunch time! 13 days till my fight!

It's coming faster than I ever would have thought! Luckily, my rib injury seems to be righting itself - I'm working hard to get it to 100%, it'll definitely be there by early next week!

I've made it to nearly 50% of my fundraising goal: I huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! Remember, every little bit helps so don't hesitate to donate today! Let's blow that goal out of the water!

Next week we start bidding for the awesome bake sale Victoria over at the District Chocoholic is sponsoring... looks to be some amazing food, so stay tuned!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The District Chocoholic: Taking Cancer Down: Bake Sale Style (You Can Help)

The District Chocoholic: Taking Cancer Down: Bake Sale Style (You Can Help)

I have some amazing friends. Take Victoria for example. She's sponsoring a virtual bakesale to help me reach my fundraising goals. Gonna be some amazing bake goos... join us now! (Though also feel free to donate/buy tickets at the side bar if that's your thing!)

Cheers to amazing friends!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making progress.

I've been quite quiet of late, and for that I apologize. I'm in crunch time, for in the next 3.5 weeks I have to absorb as much kinetic information as humanly possible. Skill learning isn't just about the training, it's also about the eating, sleeping and resting to make sure you retain as much as possible. Can you believe it's only been 11 weeks now? Look at how far I've come!
I've come a long way, but I've still got farther to go! I'll be eating, sleeping and dreaming boxing for the next 23 days.